Member Subscription

Purchase a Member Subscription ($200) from the shop, we will send you a code to access your money plus an extra $10 on us! For every additional $100 you add to your account we will gift an extra $10! Money is spent just like a gift card, when you get low you can top up your account! Once you receive your account information you are ready to start shopping!

All home/office deliveries are fee for members. All Subscription Members receive a discount and first dibs on reserving a fresh Thanksgiving turkey delivered to your door the week of Thanksgiving.

Not home during our delivery window? Not a problem! Leave a cooler outside and we are happy to leave your product, all meat is frozen at time of delivery.  


Portland/Salem Members: We will send out a reminder the week before deliveries so you can be sure to make your order. We make bi-weekly deliveries to Portland. Portland delivery dates: May 23, 29 June 12, 26 July 10, 24 August 7, 21 September 5, 18 October 2, 16, 30. Special delivery dates upon request.


Corvallis Members: All home/office deliveries are made M-F or you can pick up your order at our booth at the Corvallis Farmer's Market on the corner of Monroe and 1st Street.

Member Subscriptions can be found on the Pasture Raised Chicken page and the Forest Raised Pork page.