Hassle free, easy, home delivery. Nutrient dense, local meat delivered right to your door by the farmer herself.

Member Subscription

Purchase a Member Subscription ($200) from the shop, we will send you a code to access your money plus an extra $10 on us! For every additional $100 you add to your account we will gift an extra $10! Money is spent just like a gift card, when you get low you can top up your account! Once you receive your account information you are ready to start shopping!

All home/office deliveries are fee for members. All Subscription Members receive a discount and first dibs on reserving a fresh Thanksgiving turkey delivered to your door the week of Thanksgiving.

Not home during our delivery window? Not a problem! Leave a cooler outside and we are happy to leave your product, all meat is frozen at time of delivery.  


Portland/Salem Members: We will send out a reminder the weekend before deliveries so you can be sure to make your order. 


Corvallis Members: All home/office deliveries are made M-F or you can pick up your order at our booth at the Corvallis Farmer's Market on the corner of Monroe and 1st Street from May-November

Member Subscriptions can be found on the Pasture Raised Chicken page and the Forest Raised Pork page.