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Half Hog Box

Half Hog Box

Regular price $550.00

Back by popular demand! Our half hog box is the equivalent to ordering half a hog, boxes include:

Shoulder Roasts
Ground Pork
Mixed Sausages (breakfast and Italian)
Pork Chops
Spare Ribs
Ham (or more sausage if you prefer)
Organs/Fat/Bones (if you wish)
Boxes are delivered to your house or you may pick up at the Corvallis Farmers Market or Moreland Farmers Market. We will contact you after with follow up instructions/questions. 


All our pigs are 100% forest/pasture raised where they roam freely in their natural woodland and pasture habitat.  

Our promise to you:

  • Additive free/ hormone free
  • Non-GMO feed
  • No antibiotics
  • Raised with love and integrity