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Full Pasture Subscription

Full Pasture Subscription

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This is the perfect option for a family who loves to cook!

Each month you will receive a farmer curated box including chicken, beef, and pork equivalent to $150 worth of pasture raised meat. After purchase we will follow up with a quick survey so we can better understand your family's likes and dislikes, cooking style, and preferences.  You will have the option to receive all three (chicken, pork, and beef) or omit one protein type. We want to curate a box you and your family will be happy with!

We follow the seasons, so in summer you will receive more cuts for grilling and quick cooking; winter brings more roasts and comfort cooking items. 

A sampling of products:

Chicken- Whole bird, breasts, leg quarters

Beef- Ground, patties, steaks (ribeye, sirloin, NY), roasts (chuck, arm), short ribs

Pork- Ground, breakfast links/bulk, mild Italian links/bulk, hot Italian links/bulk, bratwurst, shoulder roast, bacon and more!