What if I'm not home when you deliver my order?

No problem! We'll send you an email the night before delivery and remind you to place a cooler out on your porch. The next afternoon we will place your (frozen) order in the cooler, and dont worry, it will remain frozen for at least 12 hours in the cooler! Sometimes we text customers when we get to their house and they open their garage doors (remotely) and we pop their order right in the freezer for them! Let us know if there are any special delivery instructions.

What are your pasture practices?

Great question! We are passionate about making sure all our animals have everything they need to live their best lives. For chickens this means a cozy, protected brooder for the first two weeks of their lives. After two weeks they are able to regulate their body temperatures so they head to the field where they are moved to fresh pasture every morning. Our pigs spend their time in paddocks consisting of both pasture and woods. Here they have access to sunshine and the ability to retreat to the cool, shaded woods in the afternoon. Our cows are out on pasture full time, we move them to fresh pasture weekly. 

What do you feed your animals?

We are thankful to have a wonderful miller right down the road from the farm! We provide a non-GMO, corn and soy free feed to the pigs and chickens in addition to pasture fare. Our cows are solely grass fed. 

Can I reserve my Thanksgiving turkey early?

You bet! We sell out every year so if you know you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner or if you want to bring a responsibly raised fresh bird to the table shoot us an email to get on our list. We take reservations year round.

Please feel free to reach out and ask us any specific questions you have! totumfarm@gmail.com