Hassle free, easy, home delivery. Nutrient dense, local meat delivered right to your door by the farmer herself. Free delivery on orders over $150


It's important to us that our local community has a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving. This year we are teaming up with Bodhi Bakery and Chef Timber of Sasquatch Botanicals to make it easier for families to eat local and eat well this Thanksgiving! We are providing home delivery, making it even easier to focus on family and not fighting through holiday crowds at the grocery store. In these strange times we hope to alleviate a little stress and uncertainty so you can focus on what really matters. 

Turkeys are raised on pasture where they enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and fresh grass every day! We proudly supplement pasture fare with a corn and soy free, Non-GMO feed milled just up the road from our farm. We team up with a local farm to finish our turkeys on pumpkins!

Our promise to you:

  • Non GMO feed
  • Additive free/ hormone free
  • No antibiotics 
  • Pasture raised
  • Raised with love and integrity. 

PLEASE NOTE: You are paying the deposit for all turkey purchases at this time, we will contact you as we get closer to Thanksgiving with delivery details. The remaining balance is due upon delivery.

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