Meat our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Plan

Here's the deal, after years of listening to our customers, we've created a CSA that reflects your wants and needs, giving you options and a sense of food security. Let's be honest, we all deserve a sense of security in sourcing good meat. Since day one our goal has been to bring good food to good people. We hope this is just what you've been craving.

First, pop the Trusty Two into your cart, then rejoice because you don't need to worry about buying chicken for the next 6 months, phew.

Next, take a peek at our add-on offerings and pop any (or all if you really want to go for it) into your cart. Want to make sure you have pasture raised, grass finished beef at all times? Take a peek at our 100% ground beef add-on options. Love bacon (who am I kidding, we all do)? Since bacon is so darn delicious it sells out fast, by purchasing the Breakfast Box you can rest easy knowing you will get a pound of bacon and two pounds of drool worthy breakfast sausage delivered to your door. That was easy.

Now to the best part, take a deep breath knowing you have secured the most nutrient dense, locally raised, love filled meat in the valley for your family. You will receive an email the night before delivery each month to remind you to leave a cooler out on the porch and the following day your share will appear on your door step! Voila! Magic.

So now you can check local meat off your list, we got ya. 

Order Pickup Schedule

Corvallis Farmers' Market any Saturday from 9-1 April-Thanksgiving 
Portland-  PSU Farmers' Market any Saturday from 8:30-2p